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When you choose a wedding gown you should also think about a wedding veil at once. What else can make the girl mysterious and romantic? Only the wedding veil makes the bride's appearance romantic and completed. Choosing the wedding veil, don't forget that it must harmonise with your wedding dress and suits the bride.

A wedding veil is a traditional element of a wedding gown. Nowadays with reviving a pompous ceremony to solemnize a marriage the fashion on the classic long dress and snow-white veil has returned. This has given back to the bride's appearance solemnity and it makes the effect of fairy and mysterious aura.

The modern fashion doesn't regulate the length and form of the wedding veil. You can chose: from the shortest veil till the super long one with the train. They say if the wedding veil is longer, the wedding ceremony is more official.

The length can be divided into several kinds:

  • The wedding veil till your shoulders;
  • The wedding veil till your elbows;
  • The wedding veil till your fingers;
  • The wedding veil till the floor;
  • A very long wedding veil with a train (for the wedding ceremony).
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